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A research study done by Prof Christian Friedrich at the University of the Western Cape found that around 75% of small businesses are failing within five years. Only about 1% of microenterprises, which have started with less than five employees, have grown to employ ten people or more as they progress.

One of the recommendations of that research was the need for co-ownership, skills exchange and business support of likeminded entrepreneurs to enable them to harness their potential.

In other words, one must create the right enabling environment for businesses to develop.


Dutch Spot Hargeisa will offer a valuable mix of low-cost office space, networking opportunities and business advice to support entrepreneurs in general, and Diaspora start-ups in particular.

One of the primary goals for Dutch Spot Hargeisa is to be a centre that connects and links individuals, businesses and institutions alike whether they reside here in Somaliland or in the Netherlands.

Being in business on your own in Africa is challenging. It can be lonely and frustrating. There is so much to do and so much to learn. Often there is no one to ask for advice. We aim to put that right, particularly for Diaspora entrepreneurs.

Our Current Project


In 2021, we commenced the development and implementation of Agripreneurship project that focuses on “Jobs & Skills”. This project combines production, innovation and technology, and the creation of the complete “value chain”.

We believe that this Agripreneurship project can be the start of something really big and that it will key to helping local people commercialise their products and compete.

This Agripreneurship project has the potential to contribute to a range of social and economic development such as employment generation, poverty reduction and improvements in nutrition, health and overall food security in the national economy.

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