Welcome to the home of the
Dutch-Somaliland community

Community Advantages

Dutch Spot Hargeisa, coupled with its location in Hargeisa, presents members with unlimited sources of support that helps with both their professional and personal lives. Members have access to a host of advantages, from discounted tickets to confidential consulting on business start-ups and/or being set-up, from wellness programming, cinema nights to networking events.

Furthermore, Dutch Spot Hargeisa will offer a valuable mix of low-cost office space, networking
opportunities and business advice to support entrepreneurs in general, and Diaspora start-ups in particular. One of the primary goals for Dutch Spot Hargeisa is to be a centre that connects and links individuals, businesses and institutions alike whether they reside here in Somaliland or in the Netherlands. Being in business on your own in Africa is challenging. It can be lonely and frustrating.

There is so much to do and so much to learn. Often there is no one to ask for advice. We aim to put that right, particularly for Diaspora entrepreneurs. Each business requires a community, an avenue where people can support you, not by buying from you but by giving you facilities and advice.

As much as there are so many places one can go to, especially online, there is nothing compared to meeting people in person and learn from one another.

Networking Events

To bring the community together, exchange ideas and grow together.
Dutch Spot Hargeisa will host monthly and/or quarterly get together.

Office Space

DSH will offer office space, meeting rooms, fast internet and a fantastic rooftop terrace. We want a visible Dutch community focusing on adding value in Somaliland.

Other Events & Projects

We will host and deliver other events and projects to achieve our organisational mission whilst catering to our members. This includes evening Dutch lessons.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

For more information on our events, focuses and projects, please get in touch.