About Us


Dutch Spot Hargeisa is a community development organization initiated by the Dutch Somaliland community in Somaliland..

Our Story

There are a large number of Somali Diaspora youths who have opted to return to Somaliland. This crop of the population is often more educated, more business-minded and very action-driven. They come burning with ambition, skills, and expertise that have been acquired in their sojourn abroad.

It is against this backdrop we undertook a desk research to find the viability and necessity of setting up a business hub in Hargeisa to cater for this group.

Dutch Spot Hargeisa will offer a valuable mix of low-cost office space, networking opportunities and business advice to support entrepreneurs in general, and Diaspora start-ups in particular.

One of the primary goals for Dutch Spot Hargeisa is to be a centre that connects and links individuals, businesses and institutions alike whether they reside here in Somaliland or in the Netherlands.

Our Vision

To become a strong, visible and connected

Dutch-Somaliland community that has an important place in the Somaliland society

A Somaliland where the Dutch- Somaliland community has made a real difference

Our Mission

Dutch Spot Hargeisa works in partnership with the Dutch-Somaliland Community and Diaspora entrepreneurs to create Dutch diaspora success stories, inspire and implement innovative economic solutions that create opportunities whilst connecting people through social and cultural activities..