Dutch Spot Hargeisa is a community development organization initiated by the Dutch Somaliland community in Somaliland. More specifically, DSH is a new hub, which offers decorated private offices, co-working space, meeting rooms and fast Internet. Unlike existing hubs, Dutch Spot Hargeisa focuses more on Diaspora entrepreneurs in general, and Dutch-Somalis while also engaging with the wider Somaliland business community. The hub will offer all its customers an opportunity and a place to exchange ideas, work together, and meet investors.

Dutch Spot Hargeisa further offers technical support for innovative project ideas, which are related to local demands and development of the country. The hub will also focus on connecting Dutch businesses with their counterparts in the Horn of Africa.


The objective of this TOR is to develop a portal/e-learning website for Dutch Spot Hargeisa where participants can search and look for information or watch training videos.

Dutch Spot Hargeisa is inviting proposals from reputable and qualified companies with a track record of success in designing and producing digital solutions to develop a portal/e-learning website. The website needs to be modern, responsive and have the capability of displaying the content in a more organized, attractive and user-friendly manner. 


  • To develop a portal where participants and beneficiaries can immediately find relevant information.
  • To develop a website with e-learning capabilities so participants and beneficiaries can train their skills as and when needed.
  • To develop a website where user can take quizzes/exams and receive immediate results.
  • To develop a database and link it to the website to capture user data.
  • To develop a website that can be used in places with low to medium speed internet. 
  • To develop a website that can store videos that is only visible or available to the participants without compromising speed. 
  • To embed videos onto the website using another platform that only allows access to participants. 
  • To provide administrative and technical support and quality control for a period of 12 months.
  • To develop a website with both English and Somali language. The Somali language section should be able to be edited.
  • To host the website for a period of 12 months. 
  • To hand over the full source code of the website to Holland House Hargeisa. 
  • To implement website analytics so we can assess traffic data.


The work setting for the assignment will include different aspects:

Timing and duration of the assignment

The duration of the contract will be fixed to the completion of the job expected and the expected starting date is 15th March 2021

The development of the website will be ready in two-months’ time starting from the date of signing the contract.

The user manual, training, hosting and the maintenance of the new website will start as soon as the job is completed and is approved by Dutch Spot Hargeisa.

Briefing/debriefing arrangements

A first analyses meeting will be scheduled to be briefed on the full scope of the job and requirements. 

Reporting relationships and identification of responsibility for assessment of the services/outputs

The company will work in close consultation and under the supervision of the DSH team. 

They will follow up on the design process answering questions related to the documents.

The Dutch Spot Hargeisa team will then assess the services and outputs provided.

Support provided

Dutch Spot Hargeisa will provide all information, content, guidelines and directives required to develop the website.  



All new developments listed in this section will be built for Dutch Spot Hargeisa.

New design and simplicity feel

Following the Dutch Spot Hargeisa branding guidelines, design a new design-and simplicity feel for the website capturing the different functionalities outlined in this TOR. The company will develop a graphic concept and the visual language of the new website.

Whilst ensuring a consistent visual language by ensuring consistency in fonts, formatting, icons, images, layout techniques and colours.

Functionalities to include in the new website

The following features will be guaranteed through the new website:

  • Responsive design;
  • Social icon features;
  • Language options English and Somali;
  • Search function;
  • Information storage;
  • News & Updates;
  • User Profile;
  • Course Creation;
  • Course Video Player;
  • Course Quizzes;

Knowledge transfer

Develop a user manual and video manual so support staff and system administrators can perform content upload, system maintenance and administration.

Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance: Administrative and technical support, quality control for a period of 12 months. 

Source code handover

Full source code to be handed over to Holland House Hargeisa.


The successful company will participate in an analysis session to understand the overall project and expectations.

Based on the analysis session and this TOR, the company will develop a design concept for the site. The vendor will share a maximum of three proposals with the DSH team.

The company will adjust concept based on feedback and comments from the Dutch Spot Hargeisa team if any feedback is given. 

The company will develop the visual concept for the site adapting it to the different components outlined in the section “deliverables” and adjusting it based on feedback and comments from the DSH team. 

To embed videos onto the website using another platform that only allows access to participants. 

To create responsive CSS and graphic design elements and make it responsive. Development of web sections and content upload. 

Test site before going live. 

Integration and final approval by Dutch Spot Hargeisa Team. 


The web developer should demonstrate and provide examples of previous experience in the performance of similar services as follows: 

  • Be a reputable firm with at least 7 years of prior experience designing visually appealing and navigation friendly web sites; 
  • Familiarity and relevant experience in using different Content Management Systems (CMS);
  • Have a broad knowledge of current web development technologies and design tools in the field, and new software and other web programming languages and programs including use of HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, Macromedia Flash, Java;
  • Have excellent knowledge of recent trends in graphic design, web sites, including online video publishing, and social media networking; 
  • Demonstrate the ability to create innovative and visually appealing design;
  • Key professional staff qualifications and competence needed for the assignment:
  • The Company is an expert in the use and configuration of the below applications: WordPress CMS, MySQL Database, Apache web server, Experience with other related applications is an advantage. 
  • The company is an expert in the use and configuration of the below products and techniques: Search engine optimization, Google Webmaster tools, Google developer tools, Mobile device adaptation.
  • The lead developer must have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the development of websites, and must hold a degree in programming, computer science and/or graphic design from a reputable institution.



March 01st 2021

  1. To start the design of the project and the development of the website. 

May 01st 2021

  1. Develop a user manual and video manual for the support staff and system administrators to perform content upload, system maintenance and administration. 

May 01 2021

  1. Support and maintenance: Administrative and technical support, quality control for a period of 12 months;

December 2021

  1. Full source code handover to Dutch Spot Hargeisa.

* The website should have the functionalities outlined in deliverables section (3). 


If you have the required qualifications and are interested in this contract, please submit: 

  • A proposal describing the previous work done in this area; 
  • A portfolio of previous work of websites done and a minimum of 1 website with similar functionalities developed
  • CV of the lead developer (who must be in Somaliland) and an in-depth company to be included in the proposal;

The lump-sum fee which you propose for the consultancy should indicate the breakdown of all costs. This fee should be inclusive of ALL considerations.

Each of the submissions should be made in two separate emails. Offers that are not submitted separately will be deemed as disqualified and will not be assessed further.


Submissions will be evaluated in consideration of the following evaluation criteria: Evaluation Criteria – total 100 points

  1. The work presented will be evaluated to assess the quality of the company’s work [30 points]; 
  2. Experience and qualifications of the team proposed to deliver the work by the company. This part of the evaluation will be based on the company profile, history, experience and the CV of the lead developer [30 points]; 
  3. Timeline to deliver the objectives of the assignment based on the deadlines provided in this document [20]; 
  4. Experience working in the development sector producing high quality outputs [20 points];

In order to qualify for further consideration, the company must accomplish a minimum score of 70 percent in the technical offer. The financial offer will account for a maximum of 30 points. 

Please submit proposals to procurement at with the subject line: Portal – DSH Website Work.